Chi siamo

Name: Giovannipaolo Ferrari
D.O.B: 25/07/1979 in Maratea (PZ), Italy.

I am a Ph. D student, currently enrolled at the DISSP (Department of Sociology and Political
Science) at University of Salerno, Italy.
I hold a Graduate Degree in Social Sciences and Sociology from the University of Rome - “La
Sapienza”. My thesis engages with the Environmental Public Policy Analysis in 2006: “The Park
does not exist: loss and delays in public policy on the Val d’Agri - Lagonegrese - Lucano Appennine
Italian National Park”.
In 2005, I was admitted as a graduate student and obtained a First Class Master’s Degree in
Entrepreneurship and Management in the Responsible and Sustainable Tourism at the Training
Center Albalonga, the Institute of Higher Education of the CTS (Italian Student Tourist Centre) in
Rome. It provides consultation for the Department of Tourism, Parks and Protected Areas and
Sustainable Development for the Province of Potenza.
In 2007, I obtained a Second Class Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MbA) at the
University of Basilicata Potenza, Italy with a dissertation about “The Business Plan: what is it?
How can you make one and how can you use it?”.
I held the office of City Councillor to the City of Nemoli (PZ), Italy and Lagonegrese Mountain
Community Councillor. I also served as an active participant in the Regional Directors of the Green
Party – Basilicata, Italy from 2005 to 2009.
I have a passion for writing and my blogs are:
“Ramblings: thoughts, words, deeds and omissions”,;
“The Backpacker: diary of an Australian journey”,
Over the years I have published a number of articles in various local and national newspapers and
It is my aim to continue to further my professional interests, pursuing developmental studies, the
principles, ethics and practicalities of sustainable and responsible tourism, emerging geopolitics and
combining environmental public policy, health public policy, political studies, political philosophy
within which would play a leading role in university research.
I have a boundless passion for reading and writing. I have been a professional Tennis Coach and
love trekking outdoors.
I have traveled extensively throughout Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece,
Norway, Sweden, Finland, French, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Australia, and
have taken up opportunities to live and work abroad whenever possible.